The First Late Post

Well, there goes my winning streak.  This blog post is late this week and arrives with my apologies–just as much to myself as my readers.  I know it is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things to be a day late, but I did make the commitment to ramble at the Internet every Monday, and I would like to keep to that commitment.  No worries.  I’m getting back on track, and the rationale behind my tardiness is as good as any: yesterday I was contacted for my first job interview. I spent the day preparing for that instead of writing my Monday piece, and today I went in for it.  It went well, I think–so now we wait.

In other news, Dex-Con was completely amazing.  The people were friendly and approachable.  The games this year were exciting and plenty.  I bought myself what I believe to be the very last copy of Shoot Again Games’ Legends and Lies before they reprint with a new design in the future.  I also got to play an invigorating game of Monopoly, a game I haven’t played since I was in my teens.

My boyfriend refuses to play it with me because he insists it ruins friendships. We’ve had to agree to disagree on that one.

The major thing I got to do during Dex-Con was join the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League.  For those of you that don’t know, the League supports organized public play  of the system’s 5th edition, where players get to progress with their characters through an array of modules that bring them on all sorts of adventures.  The best thing about it is it is designed to be played with a random group if need be, so you can participate with any number of people who attend for the game, at different locations and different DMs (Dungeon Masters)  You have to begin your character at Level 1, and they cannot do the same adventure twice.  You can, as I understand, have multple characters, but their rate of progress is individual.  It was a blast.

I began an imprint of my character Magdalyn as a level 1 Monk.  I’ve played her as such in the 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons edition, only there she had taken on the Drunken Master prestige class.  By the end of the convention, I had leveled her nearly but not quite to 4, and met a wonderful bunch of people that share that passion with me.  I’m really hoping to find some League events locally now.

Because I did not heed to my exra time slots and instead threw myself into the fun of the convention, I’m a bit behind on my NaNoWriMo word count as well.  And I’ll probably continue that pattern for another week, as I have an important letter to start on.  Our very close friend recently enlisted in the Air Force Reserves and last Tuesday, left for his basic training.  Already we both have so much to fill him in on!

Here’s to getting back on track next week!


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